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I am writing to thank you for all your efforts on behalf of my late mother, Margaret Portman. I appreciate that Mum could be trying and difficult on occasions, but Richard and I valued your expertise and hard work greatly. We would have struggled in handling Mum's affairs without your help.
Andrew Portman, Computer Consultant
Alison's first task was the sorting out of all the clutter in the basement of Castle Leslie, packing the valuables and working through mounds of personal effects. She is very self-motivated and can figure out what should go where without any fuss and store it in a way, more importantly, that it could be easily found again and again.

Her next task was to figure out a filing system for a dyslexic boss running the 1,000 acre family estate with 78,000 sq feet of historic building, along with a number of restoration projects and a couple of property development projects. The results are again impressive, but above all is her trustworthiness with sensitive information and high level documents.

If your office, home or your castle is getting on top of you, Alison is your woman!
Sammy Leslie, Castle Leslie
Your work during the 2.5 days was fantastic! It allowed me to "cast off" years worth of paper which was suffocating me in my office. I now can find the documents that I need and have surfaces to work on! I recommend you to anyone needing to get sorted!
Vala Ragnarsdottir, Professor Of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
Alison's calm and practical presence, which was both sensitive to both my need to recycle (and not bin) and to sentimental attachments really helped me make crisp decisions. She made a big difference - I really missed her when she was gone!
Elisabeth Winkler, Editor of Living Earth, the Soil Association magazine
Many thanks for bringing your focus and fresh eyes to my chaos! It was very much appreciated, and this morning it was a joy to step through into a clear welcoming office! Thank you so much.
Elizabeth Brealey, Self Employed Business Woman
I can't tell you the weight that has been taken from me after just four hours. It has given me the inclination and positivity to continue the work that we started. I am actually enjoying going up to my office which is now a tranquil and inviting place instead of a total wreck of piles of paper and rubbish. I would never have achieved this on my own.
Vivienne Dyer, Managing Director, Rycote
I am also still thinking about how your work is helping me - it is a process - and with any process you need to get started and have stepping stones along the way - this is how I sort of see you - as rock of help so to speak - focus point and catalyst but in a gentle non psychological way.
Geraldine Aust, Training Consultant
Thank you for so much for all you did for me. I think I am tidier than I've ever been in my whole life and I know where things are!
Maggie Kirby, Nursery Owner
Dear Alison thanks to you again for doing it with me! I still feel I am sitting in a new and lovely room. And thanks for that useful list of useful recycling places.
Ilse Hambrook, Retired
Recently Alison undertook to help me organise my household prior to moving. She showed great energy and enthusiasm and a particular capability for dealing with the storage, disposal and repair of both costly and everyday items. I would have no reservation in recommending her.
Robert Richwood, Department of Transport