How Paperwork Decluttering Works

A typical session might go like this:


The first fifteen minutes are spent discussing the desired outcome. A specific goal is agreed - something concrete which will have been achieved by the end of the session eg clearing the archives to make way for a new filing system or improving the workflow in the study/office.


Neatly stacked shelves

This depends on the priorities the client has identified. It could include:

  • gathering together everything that doesn't belong where it is
  • categorising and reducing office supplies and reference materials
  • purging dead 'stuff' to create space
  • setting up a more appropriate filing system for accessing information

At the beginning most clients feel some anxiety and embarrassment - this is normal! This disappears as momentum is gained and much more paperwork is sorted than expected. Sometimes it's emotionally exhausting, so if you prefer, you can sit down whilst Simply Sorted does the running around!


After de-cluttering we leave half an hour to re-organise the space which has been liberated. Simply Sorted is happy to make suggestions based on ten years experience! Trying a new way of organising, storing or filing paperwork can make your time spent in the office much more effective.

Alison's shredding and labelling machines speed up the whole process!