Peace of mind!
Feeling in control of your paperwork and workflow releases energy! There's mental space for new ideas and projects to enter your life. Clients speak of feeling relieved and revitalised.
Save time!
Time will no longer be wasted trying to find papers. They will be clearly labelled and logically stored.
Save money!
Many people buy duplicates because they forget they already have batteries, stamps or writing paper! After de-cluttering you will know exactly what you have.
Create space!
Your study or office will seem larger. You will feel you can 'breathe' again.
Catalyst or motivator!
After a session clients often feel inspired to carry on by themselves.
Environmental disposal!
Simply Sorted recycles and re-uses whenever possible: much 'stuff' goes to charity. Scrap materials go to Childrens' Scrapstore; hardware and software go to Computers for Africa; old tools go to Tools for Self-Reliance, spectacles go to Malawi, manual typewriters and sewing machines go to The Gambia. Large articles are given away via the 'Trade-It' newspaper. The tip is only used as a last resort!
A carload of paperwork taken away!
A Simply Sorted session includes taking away as much paperwork as possible in one car. Clients often find this extremely liberating!