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Would you like to be on top
of all your piles of paper?

Love a filing system that REALLY works?

Need assistance in sorting probate,
applications and forms?

Want to learn a few tricks about

Simply Sorted offers:

  • de-cluttering paperwork sessions - either one-off or regular
  • hands-on de-cluttering - physically helping you by reducing 'dead' papers and devising new systems to stay clutter free. Lots of ideas and tips!
  • assistance with probate papers, form-filling and sorting bills
  • preparing paperwork for tax returns
  • establishing and upgrading filing systems

I have helped:

  • self-employed business people to improve their home offices
  • the recently bereaved to prepare papers for probate
  • elderly people to understand and 'action' their paperwork
  • a castle owner in Ireland to set up a completely new filing system
  • the owner of a French property to navigate the legal and banking system

Confidentiality guaranteed. Bristol-based, but happy to travel.

Simply Sorted was launched in 1999 and has since helped dozens of people to gain control over their paperwork... see testimonials for their praise.

*'Getting Things Done' by David Allen, is a highly recommended book. It describes a practical process that can help busy people stay on top of their workflow and paperwork. Alison has been on a GTD training course and is keen to pass tips on to others.

Good order is the foundation of all good things.
Edmund Burke 1790